Inspiring Programs

Building educational programs on next-gen technologies, new careers and directions of work, or inspiring ways to create new directions for a business or department?  Gigi can design and produce programs, workshops, and entire events for organization.

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Futurist - Speaking and insights

Gigi can speak to your organization or at your event on future trends in work, creativity, digital living, and education.

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research and creative projects

Looking to explore a new product or technology?  Interested in creating a new multimedia program for your audience in learning or strategy?

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building futures

Where are we going?  Where are opportunities and friction that bring challenges AND opportunities?

Dr. Gigi Johnson speaks and builds programs to help us wrestle with what might be coming and where the gaps and opportunities might be in futures both in place now AND in more distant futures.

Bring her into your organization for training, speaking, and events.  Or contact Maremel to work on programs for change, insights, and professional development on how to actively listen and build new programs in an uncertain, changing world.

Gigi Johnson