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Our Adventures

“Thank you for making me think.”

— a note from our breakfast server

I nudge people to see opportunities daily. Some of this nudging is in my interactions as a keynote speaker or teacher. Some is in conversations with a barista or on public transportation.

Most of my work and energy — speaking, researching, teaching, and connecting — repeatedly wraps back around to how we grow our daily lives despite the defaults and perceived limits in this tech-framed world.

I push against the easy button of smartphone- and search-led algorithmic discovery. We make so many daily decisions now withiut seeing those tethers to curated choice.

For example, that curation is deep into plans and stories about future autonomous car systems. At a CES 2019 side event on automotive artificial intelligence (!!), we could have had a drinking game around the word “Frictionless” as a goal. That stated goal in many company presentations for “frictionless” consumer decisionmaking creates a foggy mist around how instead we can take positive, intentional action.

With my work, I shine light into that mist of tech-connected phones and tools that impact how we work, live, create, share, and collaborate.  I mix those ideas with insights from 9 careers, including corporate banking, media distribution, music performance and marketing, higher education, and teaching technology.  I also have raised three young adults who are making their way in this digital world.  

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My Work

I love to help people break out of the default space of their lives. I bring insights, advise, and humor to help groups and individuals thrive in digital water.

We are digital fish, swimming in a big tank that we cannot see well. . . or at all.  The world and the way we engage in it is dramatically shifting with embedded, perpetual connected technologies. How can we swim differently?  How does our digital water affect how we live, work, share, love, create, collaborate, and plan our lives together?

My Three Energy Focuses

I love to work across spaces, so am working in several ventures/adventures. I co-created Maremel in 2001 to have a great place to research, publish, create events, speak, teach, and produce projects with partners.  I designed and launched the Center for Music Innovation in 2014 within the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music as a conversation about the dramatic changes in what technology is doing to creation and connected communities that celebrate music and life. Most recently, I launched Rethink Next, a 501c3 corporation, to create new learning programs around helping you and your groups become better futurists and future builders.

Maremel Institute

Programs that Connect the Digital Dots www.maremel.com Consulting, multimedia publishing, advisory, and educational partnerships for organizations


Education for Next-Generation Careers www.rethinknext.com/alt-next STEM career programs for teens through adults, including FIRST Tech Challenge for Southern California

UCLA Center for Music Innovation

Connecting Positive Futures in Tech-Impacted Music Ecosystems innovation.schoolofmusic.ucla.edu Events, research, and community conversations, based in the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music

Next Steps…

Contact us to discuss possible programs and ideas for the future. Contact Gigi