Playlisting Reality

Stay tuned for information on Gigi's new book, along with her daughter Margaret Johnson, on PLAYLISTING REALITY.

Playlisting Reality: How to Thrive in a Smartphone and Data-Connected Era

“What does a fish know about the water in which he swims all his life?” Albert Einstein, Out of My Later Years, 1936

Have we become fish swimming in a digital fish tank, unable to see the water in which we swim?

Search, smartphone screens, and personal assistants are making decisions for you by bringing in more choices than historical media while thoughtfully narrowing your alternatives -- isn’t that a good thing?

False news in the 2016 presidential elections made more people aware that their realities are being sculpted. In PLAYLISTING REALITY, we’ll share how not just fake news and song playlists are being sculpted, but also job search, college choice, and daily life choices. First, we’ll start with how playlists have transformed the modern US music marketplace, and how they work with both human and algorithmic curation, and how major companies and minor artists struggle to be considered and in the reminder path of consumption and curation. We then expand into how the same playlist dimensions are affecting marketing and choice for people in job search information, college, fake news, and overall marketing. We’ll then share how to thrive in this world, both as a person and in launching businesses and careers.

There are lots of great books that are targeted for the NY Times crowd on this, with strong call outs to The Filter Bubble and Weapons of Math Destruction. However, Gigi and her 23-year-old daughter Margaret want to reach a more grassroots crowd with an easy-to-access book on how the digital water works in the digital fish tank, and what to do about it. The book will be visually engaging with infographics, screenshots, and related images to help the reader understand how the actions described fit into their digital life. They also will have a companion, updated visual and video pieces on the Internet to show . . . the Internet as well.